Connie Chang Gang



Chang Blood

Hot on the platform heels of her debut single “Another Countdown Begins,” dance-pop newcomer Connie Chang has dropped Chang Blood, a six-song EP of pulsing, synth-driven collaborations with producer Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, Tacocat), featuring vibey artwork by Jordan Rundle.

Opening with a lush rendition of the traditional Korean folk song “Arirang,” this collection of songs full of heartbreak, desire, and disillusionment showcases Chang’s contemplative, vulnerable side. “My pining for you won’t stop / your name on every teardrop” she sings over a slinking, sensual bassline on “Equal Opportunist.” On “Low Dark Midnight,” a muted ecclesiastical organ swells beneath a garden of needly synths, mirroring the cryptic subtlety of the song’s lovelorn lyrics.

On “Dawn to Dust,” Chang waxes apocalyptic about natural disasters, the global refugee crisis, and “our president celebrity host.” For Chang, who grew up in Los Angeles’s Koreatown after her mother immigrated to the US, these current events hit close to home. Citing astronaut Peggy Whitson as a personal hero, Chang finds inspiration in the possibility that technology can be developed to resonate with humanity’s nurturing, communal aspects. “I’m interested in what connects us,” she says, “and gives us hope that we can save ourselves.”

-Emily Pothast